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Using marquee like it's 2003


Welcome to Elaboraet

Elaboraet is a website dedicated to the authoring of general intellectual resources. Docere is a derivative of Elaboraet, and is in turn dedicated to the gathering of general intellectual resources.

Notice: Docere may be scrapped in favor of further developing and focusing on Elaboraet.

The History of Elaboraet

Elaboraet started as a collection of typed HTML pages hosted on a free service called NeoCities. NeoCities is a remake of what used to be called GeoCities in the early 2000s, which was a service that allowed users to make and host their own websites for free. The service was later bought by Yahoo, and then deprecated in 2009 with little to no effort of saving the websites. There have, however, been extensive external efforts by various people to download the original sites of GeoCities, and the fruits of their work can be found with a Google search.

Later, Elaboraet was turned into a WordPress website hosted on my very own Dell PowerEdge R710 server computer. This iteration of Elaboraet proved to be rather fruitless (it gathered less than thirty legitimate visits in its entire lifespan of three months), and the machine it was running on was driving me insane with its noise and heat. Elaboraet was soon migrated from my own hardware to a much more secure, third-party host provider.

About The Design

This website, like Docere, was redesigned today on July 11th in an old version of Adobe DreamWeaver. There are new versions of this program by Adobe called DreamWeaver CS-whatever, but I decided to use an old version that was available to me, because I enjoy the aesthetics with which you can design with these older software. This page "theme," for example, (for the background, you can see the credits for it on a footer link below) was a built-in template to DW8. To me, it looks very clean with minimal wasted space in the viewport. Every inch has at least some information on it. In addition, it is a rather timeless design, despite it being dated "2003" in the files of the program. Docere was designed without a template.

Neither of the designs, as it might be clear upon testing, work on mobile devices. I am currently unsure whether I want to fix this or not.

A Work In Progress

Both redesigns are, as it is obvious, works-in-progress. Particularly in Elaboraet, you will see dozens of links that either lead nowhere or are titled "Related Link," "global link," or something similar. Docere is more or less complete design-wise.

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