Two Quotes on the Sciences of Written and Spoken Language

“Whenever language is the principal medium of communication […] an idea, a fact, a claim is the inevitable result. The idea may be banal, the fact irrelevant, the claim false, but there is no escape from meaning when language is the instrument guiding one’s thought. […] What else is exposition good for? Words have very little to recommend them except as carriers of meaning. […] If a sentence refuses to issue forth a fact a request a question, an assertion, an explanation, it is nonsense, a mere grammatical shell.”

Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985), 51.


“When there is ambiguity in the communication of knowledge, all that is in common are the words that one person speaks or writes and another hears or reads. So long as ambiguity persists, there is no meaning in common between writer and reader. For the communication to be successfully completed, therefore, it is necessary for the two parties to use the same words with the same meanings—in short, to come to terms. When that happens, communication happens, the miracle of two minds with but a single thought.”

How to Read a Book (1972), 97.

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It is said that one must begin any journey or any task with a sincere intention, so that it will be carried out sincerely, have good outcomes, and bear fruit.

Hence, on the refreshed version of my website, Elaboraet, I intend to write easily readable, but enlightening, articles of passionate and prominent ideas of the secular and the sacred. They will be, if God wills, a source of wisdom and perhaps inspiration for many readers.

But this is, indeed, a hobby of mine, and a small one. In proportion as a hobby is small, the effort put into it will be less. For this reason, do not expect professional, world-class literature. I am as much of a hobbyist in website design and writing as you may be in other things. You would not consider yourself a professional in your leisurely hobbies, would you?

Hey, welcome to Elaboraet.


This was originally published on Oct. 14th, 2019.

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