Welcome to Elaboraet. This is a hobbyist writing website made by me, Umit. I originally created it to experiment with website design, but it has since grown into a part-time, continually-evolving project.

Elaboraet currently uses the Dotclear blogging software and a theme called "Chestnut." The footer contains more information.

What does "Elaboraet" mean?

Several years ago, I had a Blogger website in which I wanted to write my musings about, well, anything. Soon, I had a couple of posts—pretty big ones. But I still had no name for my website. At that time, I came up with a pretentious "Philosphical Insight" as its name. I kept it awhile as a placeholder to focus on other things, but after a while I came back to it so as to reconsider. A website isn't complete without a fitting name. I started to think about a couple of words I could use as logos: Allure? That's a magazine. Docere? Too archaic. Then I came up with another adjective: elaborate. It perfectly described the way I wanted my website to be. But it as a word is too universal, I thought, to use as a name for something particular. I had to make the name more "unique" and specific, but without changing it out for a new word entirely.

Then I tried misspelling it so that the E would come before the T. Not only did this give the name a psuedo-Latin look, the ending T created a sharper corner, so it would even look good as a text logo.

What do you write about?

I write articles about anything I find interesting and compelling enough to write about. Sometimes I post about what I'm doing on a particular day and then I create a discussion based on my thoughts about it. Other days, I might write articles confined to particular topics or my experience in particular topics (like "Using the Pale Moon Browser"). 

How often do you write?

I'll admit here that I don't actually have any publishing schedule or writing routine, although I wish to create some kind of regular publishing schedule soon. Or maybe an article "quota" that I should try to reach each month.

But a publishing schedule, as you know, comes with caveats. Sometimes a schedule doesn't "catch" your mind at the right time: maybe today was a publishing day and you had nothing prepared; maybe today began your drafting week but you have no motivation to draft, or are too busy to draft . . . and then Whoops! You didn't publish on time. Each compromise undermines the schedule and makes it less effective, and warrants that you should either adapt to your schedule more effectively or devise a better one.

In sum, I don't have a consistent publishing schedule just yet. Although I plan to make one soon once my time clears up.






Author: Umit

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